We are officially listed on Hackerspaces.org with a dedicated Hackerspace established in 2010. See our listing here for more details about this technology movement.

The Nelson Tech Club offers a meeting ground for people to socialize with like-minded enthusiasts who share a keen interest in all aspects of technology. Basically, we have a dedicated hackerspace (a.k.a. maker space, meeting space, workspace, etc.) where every Wednesday night we gather at the NTC Hackerspace and invite anyone who holds an interest to join us. It’s very informal, ad-hock and new ideas are constantly evolving. This club is all-ages, from 6 to 96 years old, although we ask that youth under 12 years old are accompanied by an adult. You don’t need experience, just enthusiasm for technology.

We have an email list, visit our Google Group for more information.

Our goal is to provide education and share resources for those who wish to participate. In general, the NTC functions as a center for peer learning and knowledge sharing in the form of weekly meetups, member-lead workshops, hands-on exploring, project colaboration and sharing. This club has established itself at the heart of the Nelson, BC community. As a member, we offer social events, tool lending and workspace to build projects or collaborate on group activities with other other attendees. Bring your projects, your ideas and most-of-all your enthusiasm for technology in all shapes and forms. You are guaranteed to find many interesting technology projects on display.

Do you love Arduino? We sure do. As a club, we fully support the open-source movement and this little micro-controller brings your ideas to life. We’d love to show you what we’ve created and how you can learn programming first-hand. This also includes our love for Raspberry Pi, Beagleboard, PIC programming and many other types of open source projects.

The NTC’s core motto “Build, Learn, Share” enables anyone with an interest in any aspect of technology. By adapting the resources and activities to match the individual skill-set, we provide anyone with with a curiosity to learn an enriched technology experience. Of course, that also means applying a level of commitment to learning that subject, this is your first stop. We get you headed in the right direction, but we’re not here to build your project for you – our purpose is to share what we know and provide resources to keep that momentum. Whether you are an enthusiast, hacker, computer geek, engineer, educator, programmer or student – all technology subjects are encouraged.

This Canadian Hackerspace was introduced to Nelson by Brad Pommen in October 2010 as President of the NTC Information Society. Today, the club has had over 300 members and visitors who made it their club. Our major supporters include: Selkirk College, KAST, GLOWS, CBT and many local schools and businesses.

Thank you for visiting the NTC, we love exploring the world – one byte at a time!

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President, Nelson Tech Club

NTC Mmembership 2012-10-03

October 2012 -Brad Pommen (President) and many of the Nelson Tech Club members in their new, larger dedicated location at Selkirk College, Tenth Street location in Nelson, BC.  The NTC happily celebrates it’s 2nd year of operating as a community hackerspace and providing leadership in the areas of science and technology.